It, Cloud and Web services


The service designed and created by Planetel guarantees complete protection of the company network, and if combined with the Secure Wireless Access Points of network security system leader FORTINET it also extends protection to the WiFi network, guaranteeing the complete, integrated protection of your network.
In Basic and Enterprise versions, Managed Security solutions include the management, monitoring and maintenance by Planetel of the devices installed under a simple, very competitively priced commercial package calculated on the basis of the number of users for management. Managed security is available for both traditional and optic fibre networks.

• Protection of the company network infrastructure
• Protection of web, mail and cloud services
• Extension of security to WiFi networks
• Physical management of devices


The infrastructure of the Planetel Datacentres and Cloud services offers unique solutions, providing access to all Cloud services
• VPS services
• Storage backup
• Disaster recovey
• Online storage


With Planetel, you can access a complete range of basic services for communicating with unbeatable, reliability, security and operating efficiency.
• Domain registration and maintenance
• Hosting
• Email
• Email hosting
• Certified email address registration and storage


With Planetel’s Colocation services, businesses can enjoy the benefits of an excellent, modern IT infrastructure, with datacentres connected via private optic fibre with performances over 400 Gb.
• Colocation
• Colocation T4


Planetel web marketing: your growth on the Web, the tool for generating visits and thus revenues online, by reaching new potential customers and increasing visibility.
• Web services
• SEO services
• Pay per click
• Social marketing
• Newsletters