Landline and mobile telephone


The WLR service enables Enterprises to leave their existing telephone company and choose Planetel as their sole operator. With the WLR service, customers can change their telephone operator without changing their access technology, terminating all contracts with their current telephone company and thus saving on charges.
With the new Planetel tariff packages, users can save on expensive fixed charges and feel free to make calls at any time.


Planetel Chiamaverde is the ideal services for raising visibility and offering customers privileged access. Chiamaverde transforms a traditional Freephone number into a genuine marketing tool, with excellent value for money. Ideal for even the smallest businesses, with no need to invest in infrastructure.


Planetel Mobile pay-as-you-go or subscription solutions offer Businesses a wide range of options, enabling them to choose the tariff package best suited to their specific needs. Customers can select the best option for their business from the many solutions available, and use the Internet without having to pay for mobile data.

A complete, scalable professional offering, with excellent service and a particularly wide range of options.

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