Radio connectivity


WIFOX is the Planetel service for high speed ultrabroadband Internet connection via radio. We transmit the radio signal via our antennas: a specialist engineer installs the specific antenna (very similar to a standard TV antenna) at the company, and the Internet connection is available at once.

WIFOX is therefore the ideal solution for high speed Internet use even in zones not covered by conventional services such as ADSL or Optic Fibre, with the very best performances and reliability.

The WIFOX radio line is also the ideal solution for businesses requiring a backup line for use if the main Internet line goes down.

A complete, scalable professional offering, with excellent service and a particularly wide range of options.

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WIFOX POINT-TO-POINT is a dedicated (point-to-point) connectivity service with FWA (Fixed Wireless Access), meaning that the entire connection is made by radio transmission, even in Hiperlan technology. The point-to-point line meets the needs of businesses with high Internet band requirements and those not covered by optic fibre networks.

This is the ideal solution for benefiting from a full set of state-of-the-art services; cloud server, high security backup, protected remote data storage and streaming services. Speed is a key advantage, with connections of up to 1 GBPS.

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