The Planetel Group

The Planetel Group is a dynamic business organisation founded in 1985. The Group’s various companies are able to design and supply complete, integrated global communication solutions, and have the capacity to operate independently, with no intermediaries, with competences certified at the highest levels and thirty years’ experience in the telecommunications industry.

At present, through Planetel SpA, SITIS Srl, Trifolio Srl and Servizi Internet Srl, the Planetel Group organisation employs 90 specialist technicians, 30 office workers and 20 sales staff. It is headquartered at Treviolo (Bergamo) with branches at Valmadrera (Lecco), Brescia and Bussolengo (Verona). The subsidiary sister company Enjoip srl of Naples supports the commercial growth of Planetel services across large areas of central and southern Italy.



In business for over thirty-five years, this company offers telecommunications, telematics and networking services. Its certified plants range from the traditional business telephone switchboard to state-of-the-art “zero hardware purchase costs” solutions that combine cloud computing and VoIP telephone services.
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Trifolio is the group company specialising in office automation and furnishing. It has consolidated partnerships with leading Italian producers and combines experience with the quality of products and services required by the modern office.
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The company produces and supplies Internet services for any function or needs, from essential Cloud and Iaas services through to the development of a wide range of specialist services for the sector. It has Data Centres at Brescia and Bergamo connected to the Milan MIX via multiple optic fibre circuits.
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Enjoip is a company that offers the business market a complete range of TLC services: ultrabroadband connectivity with customised, high performance solutions; VoIP and Web services; landline and mobile telephone services; telephone systems and virtual switchboards; IT and cloud services; websites and web marketing services.
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